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Instagram influencers get paid to promote products in their posts. Your followers code is how you can get paid as an influencer. When anyone uses your code to make a purchase in our store, at swintly.com, they will get a 20% discount on their entire order. You, the influencer, will get paid a 20% commission of all after discount sales made using your code, forever! (Example: your follower buys a $100 shirt, they pay $80, you get $16 commission). When you will get it, copy the followers code we will provide you, and paste it in your Instagram stories, posts or bio to start earning.

GET FEATURED ON @Swintly_com
SWINTLY® has over 13,000 followers on Instagram and is growing really fast. It's time to join us while we are still not too big. We feature ambassadors every day. When you send us a photo or video wearing your Swintly® apparel, you could get featured on a @swintly_com post or story for thousands of thousands of followers to likecomment and follow you.


EVERYONE CAN! It does not matter how many followers you have, or how popular your blog is. We are all influencers of the people in our circle, and a heads-up from you means more to your network, than some Youtube celebrities. You have an influence, why not getting compensated for recommending great apparels? And should your blog or Youtube channel suddenly gain wild popularity.


Simply Direct Message @Swintly_com on Instagram to get your profile reviewed and follow the steps. There is no minimum followers required. 

Disclaimer: We urge all our affiliates to respect the local laws and regulations of marketing and advertising in their areas. As well as the terms and conditions of social media platforms. Any illegal activities used to promote our products will get your affiliate status suspended.

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